BB Stone Experience

Your Project, Our Experience
Our 30-year experience, together with the most advanced technology, has enabled us to develop a state-to-the-art production process, called BB Stone Experience.
This method, divided into several stages, guarantees to our clients the possibility to carry out the project by availing of the cooperation of one company only.

The stages are the following ones


Our technical study can project and implement any technical drawings. We can start from projects provided by our clients or carry out all the measurements of the interested area by ourselves.

Materials Choice

Thanks to our partnership with several quarries, we can satisfy any request of our clients, by providing any kind of material on the marked.


Thanks to 3D printers and computerised robots, we can reproduce polyurethane scaled models. This is of primary importance when undertaking projects with no design certainty yet.


With the aid of advanced machinery and technology, we can carry out the projected work.


Thanks to the cooperation of highly skilled worforce and the supervision of our technicians, we ensure also the laying of particularly complex or extra size projects, going beyond the commonplace.

Post Laying

Our cooperation with leader companies of stone protection products enables us to provide an additional facility of post-laying assistance.