Our Materials

Our strength consists in finding marble and granite and stones from all over the world to be transformed and sold.

We also have the opportunity to offer the material in all its forms as blocks and slabs to be processed on site, or by directly supplying the turnkeys.

Some examples of materials



Marble from the Apuan Alps, characterized by a very cold ice color with a very marked gray vein.


Marble from the Apuan Alps, the material has a very warm base and is characterized by a very marked gold and gray grain.


Marble from the Apuan Alps, ovulated material with very marked veins of gold and gray color

Carrara White

Marble of provenance from the Apuan Alps, characterized by a white background with light gray spots.


Marble from the Apuan area, material characterized by a gray background and white or gray vein very marked.

White Onyx

Blocco Onice Bianco,
Provenienza Iran
Marble of Iranian origin, characterized by a transparent ice bottom, characterized by the almost total absence of stains.

Slabs and Turnkeys

Calacatta Gold


Striato Olimpico

Statuario / Yellow Onyx